Heart of your web presence we design, develop and designate for you, platforms that meet the standards of current accessibility (responsive). Transactional or not, our platforms are at your request delivered turnkey with a tool for content management. Internet is an international media also take ourselves in hand the localization and adaptation platforms languages ​​spoken in your markets.


The advent of smartphones has changed the consumer uses the internet media. Puppets offers to accompany you on the implementation of mobile experience to your customers including geolocation, m-commerce, mobile voucher and other services specific to that device.

Social brand content

The advent of social media has triggered an era of brand content. Unprecedented content quality, social potential and temporality are success factors in community networks. Puppets offers strategic, editorial and creative offer that will allow you to enroll in these environments.


Puppets has a display expertise and support for you to create master banner and declination in all sizes, from the most simple to the complex events RTB device. We work with major ad-server market and know how to comply with the constraints of the governed.